Here at Fantastic Hair & Beauty, we want you to feel great on the inside, as well as looking fantastic on the outside. Aromatherapy oil is the perfect way to make you feel your best, whether you’re working through an unending series of exams, feeling stressed or are just a bit under the weather. Here’s a list of what some of our oils can do for you.


Rosemary oil is often used by students during exam season, due to its ability to stimulate mental functioning and improve the performance of your brain. Many people find themselves able to concentrate for longer after enjoying aromatherapy with rosemary oil.


Peppermint oil has a strong but pleasant smell that can relieve you of fatigue, increase your alertness and even enhance your memory. Its sharp scent also makes it great for anyone suffering from a cold.


Lemons have a lively and enriching smell that naturally wakes you up. This is why its essential oil is so commonly used in aromatherapy. Professionals often use lemon oil to improve mental clarity and reduce feelings of sadness.


Eucalyptus oil produces an extremely powerful scent. Aroma therapists have been using it for years to open up the sinuses and respiratory system. Eucalyptus oil has proven to be especially beneficial for anyone who suffers from asthma.


Orange oil has an extremely distinctive scent that people naturally associate with health and vibrancy. This oil is often used during sports therapy sessions, as it tends to relieve muscle pain. It is even claimed that the smell of orange oil lowers blood pressure.


Sandalwood oil has a very heady scent that hints at its ancient spiritual use. Often used to relieve anxiety, the strong but calming smell produced by this oil is also a natural way to rid yourself of insomnia.


Patchouli oil has an exotic scent that is at once rich and relaxing. This oil is often used in skincare products, but the smell is also fantastic for beating lethargy and fighting feelings of depression or stress.       

All of these essential oils – and many more – can be found in our online store. Don’t delay, order today and you’ll be feeling their wonderful effects before you know it.