With so many hair care and styling products on the market, it can be easy to think that they're all the same - but OSMO stands out for more reasons than one. For one thing, there are few more impressive and diverse ranges of hair products, as one glance at the OSMO clay range here at Fantastic Hair and Beauty reveals. However, the brand has also been a real style leader since its launch in 2000 of two revolutionary products, Aqua Wax and Aqua Wax Hard.


Today, when you look at the complete range of OSMO products that Fantastic Hair and Beauty has to offer, it's clear that all hair care and styling bases are covered. You may, for example, be on the lookout for Curl Spray that allows you to achieve a long-lasting, frizz-free finish for your hair through the definition and control of unruly curls. It's the perfect option for enhancing each and every curl, whether permed or natural, giving you a bouncy, full-bodied and non-sticky head of hair.


Or what about a product like Thermal Defense, which protects your hair against the damage that heat stylers and environmental elements can cause, by eliminating frizz and locking in moisture? This product leaves your hair well-nourished, strong and shiny. For those who require a swift and convenient alternative to a daily wash and blow dry, meanwhile, there is the Day Two Styler, which really does revitalise your hair and lend it invaluable staying power, while leaving it ready to be restyled for another day.


But OSMO is also the brand of the Extreme Glue Spray that makes the perfect fast-drying extreme styling companion, producing strong and long-lasting results. Then, there's the Straightening Fluid that is a highly versatile hair straightener for anyone desiring hair with a smooth, sleek and ultra-shiny finish. However unruly your hair may be, this product will make it super-straight and frizz-free, while ensuring the best protection against heat damage.


We could go on and on, mentioning such acclaimed products as OSMO Fibre Paste, Clay Wax Traveller, Shaper Maker, Wax Pomade and Extreme Matte Clay, as well as - of course - the venerable Aqua Wax and Aqua Wax Hard. But we think it's clear by now that the OSMO clay range really is one of the finest hair care and styling product lines on the market, as well as that Fantastic Hair and Beauty is the premier place to shop for it, particularly when one is seeking the most competitive prices.