Are you worried that your hair doesn’t feel quite as rich and smooth as it used to? You’re not alone, as this is a common concern for ladies of all ages. There’s a whole host of options to restore your hair to its former glory, but one of the easiest methods is using one of our keratin shampoo products or conditioners.


Never heard of keratin? Well, your hair has, as it’s made of around 90% keratin! Made of a mix of complex proteins, it makes hair strong and resistant to damage. Unfortunately, there’s quite a few things that can change the level of keratin in your hair – such as long-term straightening, exposure to sunlight and the chemicals added to swimming pools. When your hair losses too much, it gets dry and brittle, with numerous split ends.


So, is it time to chuck the straighteners, bring back the sun parasol and cancel your holiday? Not with Fantastic Hair and Beauty’s outstanding range of keratin-enriched shampoos and conditioners! These wonderful products use something called nanomolecular keratin, which is small enough to penetrate and fill the damaged parts of your hair. By using one of them, you’re literally putting new life into your locks!


So, how does it work? Well, you should know that keratin therapy originally started out as a salon-only option, and it’s still something that you can get done by your favourite stylist. Now though, you can use products such as our Global Keratin Dry Shampoo to build up the keratin in the hair during your normal washing routine. By using keratin shampoo and conditioners consistently, you can gradually increase the amount in your hair, with the added benefit of extending any professional treatment that you might have taken advantage of.


The result will be shiny, soft and silky hair that is much healthier. The change will come on much faster if your hair is suffering from a high degree of damage, but you should see the change after several weeks use as the proteins build up.


Keratin shampoo and conditioner is a fantastic, cost-effective way to strengthen your hair during the routine hair-cleaning process. We have a whole heap of keratin treatment options available, so check our online store to investigate them further.