Some companies produce shampoo and conditioner that helps you to both look and feel good - and then there's Global Keratin, the company that goes a little bit further than that. It may have only been established in 2006, but Global Keratin - or GKhair - has since its first day been a true leader in "the science of hair", with its heavily-backed and extensive research and development programmes. You'll see the benefit when you first try GK shampoo and conditioner.


Indeed, the Global Keratin range here at Fantastic Hair and Beauty amounts to so much more than shampoo and conditioner, with the finest of the brand's styling products, electricals and brushes also being present and correct in our well-stocked UK online store. This means that you can consistently turn to us for anything and everything bearing the GK brand, from moisturising shampoo, leave-in-creme and balancing conditioner to hair gel, mini irons and small angled vent brushes.


Whichever purchases you make from us covering the Global Keratin brand, there's no doubting the company's sheer dedication to the delivery of new and innovative products that leave your hair in the best possible shape and condition. GKhair has attracted particular acclaim for being the first and only company to capitalise on the beauty benefits of Juvexin, a special blend of proteins and peptides that has been specifically optimised for hair.


Juvexin's use in every single GKhair product worldwide should tell you everything that you need to know about its effectiveness in protecting and restoring the hair back to its youthful state. By using a Global Keratin product like the highly-regarded GK shampoo, you can look forward to softer hair that is more lubricious and manageable, better at withstanding heat and less prone to breakage. That's all thanks to Juvexin's effectiveness at penetrating throughout the hair shaft and delivering vital conditioning and moisturising benefits.


Beyond that, Global Keratin is all about the products themselves, which here at Fantastic Hair and Beauty, include everything from the universally highly-rated GK shampoo and conditioner range to electricals such as the Curve Titanium Iron and brushes like the Thermal Round Brush. Take a look through our complete GKhair product range today to see just what hugely well-regarded products we have on offer to really help you to make the most of your hair.